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Andrew Colclough
Hello, self

Alright - probably true, but really…

My name is Andrew Colclough, and I am a UI designer, developer, and illustrator living in Austin Texas. I graduated with a degree in multimedia design from the University of Oregon in 2005 and have been designing and building web software and applications ever since. I have worked on applications for the Health Care, Education, Gaming, and E-commerce industries.

Here is my resume, and my work history is also available on LinkedIn.

Technical Specialties

  • I enjoy working with modern JS frameworks such as React and Angular.
  • I am a huge proponent of building Design Systems of UI components to support organizations.
  • I believe in a modular/object based approach to building CSS and HTML. Read about that here.

Along with my design and development experience, I spent a great deal of my education learning traditional drawing and painting. Recently I have returned to my illustration roots because it is and something I also love doing. Though I have experience creating artwork digitally, I have found using traditional tools such as ink and watercolor to be a nice compliment to my digital and software work.

About This Site

This site is built with Gatsby, which is a static site tool built with the new-school hottness of React and Webpack. My goal was to have total control of my site if I wanted it, but also something that got out of my way when I just wanted to create and publish content.

dat code tho Isn’t that code beautiful?

All I need to do to publish new content is to build and run ghp, an alias for:

git subtree push --prefix public origin gh-pages

In this way, my ‘cms’ is whatever editor I love best (currently Atom or Vim). Sweet.

In fact, if you like, you are welcome to check out my code here: http://github.com/andrewdc/adc

My automatically generated changelog can be found here: CHANGELOG.md

History Museum

andrewdc 1.0

The first rendition of this site was built with Wordpress and looked like this.

andrewdc 1.0

andrewdc 2.0

Several years later I came up with version 2.0, which was a static site, generated with a framework called Ruhoh.

andrewdc 2.0

I had way too much fun creating version 2.0. Drawing all of the illustrative elements was a total blast. I mean, why have a boring footer, when you could have:

Log Footer

The 2.0 design carried a huge amount of my personality (obviously, I hate video games. Wait…what?), however I believe it was weak in it’s overall purpose. Looking at this now, I think the same feeling could have been conveyed in a less direct way.